Signal Not Trading. Opening and closing Trades only on close of signal provider CLOSE


Hi Again,

Could you please try and help me again with this. This is the link to the signals I am having issue with.



Is it possible that the Provider is some how faking these trades in order to get copiers money? 

He only ever has one trade open per pair and only up to 4 pairs in 1 day. His Trades show that they last for several hours. Why is the platform not opening a trade in my account when he opens a trade?

Is there an MQL% Technical support i can ask about this please?




Just seen a review on one of his other signal that says this "The signal is fake, the author modifies the price after the second order, and there is no profit at all to keep up with the time, everyone be careful".

Is it possible for the author to do this? why does MQL5 allow this?


Look at Metatrader journal (or in MQL5 VPS journal in you are using MQL5 VPS).
Also - check the subscription procedure just in case you missed something:

How to Subscribe to MT4/MT5 Signal - the instructions