Futures trading - Contract size


Hi guy, im new here

When I start trying to trade Futures products with a AMP demo account , I see that the "contract size" value displayed on metatrader 5 is different from the contract size published by AMP and CME. For example Gold futures - symbol GC has contract size of 100 oz but on metatrader5 shows value as 1.

Someone please explain to me. Thanks!!!

Ask your broker.

As much as I know, the base lot size of all Futures is 1. You can trade 1 lot or a multiplicative of that (2, 3, ... 10, 11, ... 20, ... 100, ...).

If you trade e.g. a Future of a share, you will always trade 1 lot or a multiplicative of that, never anything else. But this 1 lot of the Future can represent 100 shares or 10 shares or something else, it depends on the leverage of that specific product. This is the cause why there are E-Mini S&P and E-Micro S&P or EURUSD Futures (6E) and Micro-EURUSD Futures (M6E). The leverage of Futures is not set by the broker, it is set by the corresponding exchange.

P.S. 100 oz means 100 ounce. This is a weight measure. If you trade with 1 lot of this Future, than you will get or you will have to deliver 100 ounces, when the bought or sold contract expires. If you trade with Futures you should know what an rollover is.