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Can excel automatically open a trade in Mt4 based on cell value changes? Example:
Cell reached 75% value = Trade opened in Mt4.
Cell reached 65% value = Trade closed in Mt4.


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One of way to open order from excel to mt4 is use clipboard methode, I am learning it

I did but it is developing
Receive data from mt4 and do generate signal (cell value), and after signal 'approved" and these signal send to MT4, in MT4 signal be received by EA file and place order 

William Roeder #:
  1. Excel files are binary, unreadable; contains formulas, formatting, etc. You can save-as CSV, and put into the «DataFolder»/Files. Then the code can read it.

  2. Why complicate it. Move your logic into an EA and you are done.
I did but still developing
Sergey Golubev  


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Fernando Carreiro  
@MAXON #: Thus, the MetaTrader 4 indicator transfers the previous day’s data and opens the current day to an Excel file with all the indicators on the platform, with the choice of working on more than one frame and with the same data, preferably complete for the pairs present in the market hour. Can someone help me do this?
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I need someone to help me to modify the script to be an indicator that reads MetaTrader 4 indicators instantly in an Excel file.