Ea Development


The results shown are from 2000 to 2009 on the EURUSD Daily timeframe risking 10% and 5%(the additions would be to lower risk and DD). It has not been heavily optimized. The settings could be improved. The results slowly drop off with adjustment of the settings showing robustness for this pair and period of time. The ea used is firedaves universal ma with basic settings. I have used it to show that the concept of buying retracements in an uptrend and the opposite in a downtrend, can be successful. The entries used are far from good but still show a profit. As can be seen the average profit is greater than the average loss and win % is greater than loss %, short and long. The random walk theory suggests there is a 50% chance prices will rise or fall a given amount. This i believe to hold true on lower timeframes but trends due to monetary and fiscal policy are irrefutable. My intention for posting is the development of this concept (better entries) and most importantly adding a proven method named the anti hedge strategy taken from Jacko's thread at Forex Factory. To me the anti hedge strategy is unique and genius in its simplicity. I would like to make it clear that i have no endorsement for this ea and development, it is just something i would personally like to pursue. The whole concept has been proven very succesfully live. I can not claim that this is possible with an ea but the results shown give credence to the idea. Anyone serious about helping to code this please take a look a Jacko's thread at FF and post your replies here or alternatively pm me.


Channel Breakout

So, looks like it's gonna take a few months to learn how to program in MT4, in the mean time, could anyone help me? I would like a horizontal channel break out system, where it goes long after crossing the upper channel, and short after crossing the bottom channel. The upper and lower channel would be manually specified. The starting point for the channel is loosely based on the previous day's high and low, but I always change it based upon experience, and I don't how to formulate it, so I just want to be able to manually specify it. You could enter from 1 to 5 positions, with selectable lot sizes, stop losses, and profit targets for each position. It would enter and exit in real time. When it closes below the line and moves accross the line a second time, it would refill any previously closed positions. For example, you set the upper channel at 1.5900 and select 3 positions having profit targets of 34, 55, and 89 pips. It crosses above 1.5900 and eventually moves to 1.5962, previously exiting the 34 and 55 profit targets at 1.5934 and 1.5955, respectively. Then it eventually moves down and closes below 1.5900, but does not hit the stop loss. It subsquently crosses above the upper channel again, so the 34 and 55 profit target positions are refilled. Sending an email would be a bonus, any help would be great, thank you.


Alert if high low > certain value

Hi to all programmers,

I need you guys help to make a very simple alert, if high - low of current day is > 60 pips (or other value), traders will get alerted.

Thanks so much.


Help for building a simple indicator for MT 4

Hello forex-tsd

This is actually my first thread so treat me well

I seek free help to build a simple indicator for MetaTrader 4. Basically this is a trading position calculator for the next trade setup:



"Last bar's close" - [manually typed "Stop Loss Level" under Input in the indicator's window] = "difference in Pips".

Notes for 1)

* "Difference in Pips" has to always have a POSITIVE value. If the calculated number is negative, then the number must be transformed to a positive number.

* "Difference in Pips" has to have the value "23" if the difference is 23 Pips.

* [manually typed "Stop Loss Level"] is for instance 97.85 or 1.4539


[manually typed "Money Amount @ Risk"] / "difference in Pips" = "Trade Position Size"

Notes for 2)

* The value for "Trade Position Size" has always round down to the nearest 0.01 Lots (Standard Lots)


I can choose "Standard Lots", "Mini Lots" or Micro Lots" in the indicator's window under the Input fane.

Notes for 3)

* If chosen "Standard Lots" then the formula is

"Money Amount @ Risk" / "Difference in Pips" * 10 USD

* If chosen "Mini Lots" then the formula is

"Money Amount @ Risk" / "Difference in Pips" * 1 USD

* If chosen "Micro Lots" then the formula is

"Money Amount @ Risk" / "Difference in Pips" * 0.1 USD


Following will be shown in the chart window:

Line 1: "Last bar's Close = X.XXXX"

Line 2: "Difference in Pips = XX Pips"

Line 3: "Selected Lot Size: Mini Lots" (for instance if chosen in the indicator)

Line 4: "Trade Position Size: 0.30 Lots" (always show in "Standard Lots" with maximum 2 decimals)


I can choose the text colour for the indicator in the chart window.


I can choose the font size for the indicator in the chart window.


Place the indicator in the upper left corner in the chart window, 3 lines below the standard text in the chart window (the recent bar's Open, High, Low and Close)


I can choose "4 digits" or "5 digits" in the indicator's window under the input so the indicator will work with both 4- og 5 digits brokers.


I have tried to be as specified as possible. Please, ask me any questions if this is wanted for building this indicator.

I look forward to write more here at forex-tsd

Best regards




Thanks Cowboy

Will give it a look.


Help to Draw Boxes

Can anybody help me with either a script or an indicator to draw 2 boxes above and below the opening price of a given period?

The boxes parameters should be :

price above/below opening adjustable

box height in pips adjustable

box colors adjustable

box should start open on the specified period and end on that same period

See the picture attached. Those are 1 hour boxes on a 1 minute chart. The concept is similar to Dolly Graphics but on a smaller timeframe.

Thanks for your consideration


boxes.gif 58 kb

Tunel EA hepl need!!

Hi everyone!!!

I am beginner in MT4 and we tested the demo an interesting method and please help me make a EA.

My method is the tunnel and make trade orders in a tunnel by “n” pips (variable).

The rules are:


level1:buy say 0.1 lot TP and SL

level2: sel 0.2 lot buy price –pips and reverse TP, SL

level3: buy 0.4lot at price first buy and TP, SL idem

level4: sel 0.8 lot at price sell and TP, SL idem


or other method……………………………

---level1:buy say 0.1 lot TP, SL and make pending order (sel 0.2 lot buy price –pips nd reverse TP, SL)

--- when take the next sel 0.2 lot , make pending order (buy 0.4 lot at price forst buy and TP, SL idem)

---when take the next buy, make pending order (sel 0.8 lot at price forst sell and TP, SL idem)

…..etc……… up to MaxTrades

The method does not lose all your money if you fail because freemargin not allow more trade or was reached to MaxTrade.

Similar for +SELL+

some variable to the EA:

TakeProfit=; // Profit Goal for the latest order opened

StopLoss=; // StopLoss

TrailingStop=; // Pips to trail the StopLoss

MaxTrades=; // Maximum number of orders to open

Pips=; // Distance in Pips from one order to another

MagicNumber=222777; // Magic number for the orders placed

Money Management";

Lots=0.1; // We start with this lots number



AccountisNormal=0; // Zero if account is not mini/micro

SecureProfit=10; // If profit made is bigger than SecureProfit we close the orders

AccountProtection=1; // If one the account protection will be enabled, 0 is disabled


(some variables similar TERMINATOR v2.0 EA )

Entry rouls: manual or time filter or anader ruls

Exit: price go to reach TP or SecureProfit

I apologize for my bad English.

Thank you


Trend line indicator

Can anyone help me to fix one of those indicators ( they are the same ) the problem I have is the indicator keeps changing the name of the trend line so on up trend he have 1ang_autoch_h2 and 2ang_autoch_h2 but when it becomes a down trend these names changes I mean the up line becomes down and the down line becomes up on the channel you can see that better by changing the time on Ang_AutoCh_HL-V2 where the trend channels has different colors ...

I need help to fixed the names of the trend lines so they don't sawp..

Please help me fix this indicator


new sdl ea request

I have a system that I use, but think it would be better suited to hours that I intend to sleep. Can someone help me create the EA. I use two slope direction lines and a moving average and set small TPs. Please let me know or email me (). Thanks.


better description of what I use - SDL system

I use a system that has two SDLs (one at 9/3/0 and one at 6/3/0) and a exponential MA (at 8). When both SDLs show down on the previous candle and the EMA is within the candle of the previous stick I get in for a Sell. I ride for a while or use TP and SL depending on news and time of day. The difference for BUY is that the SDLs both show up. Fairly simple, but I can't create an EA for it to run. I am trying to get it to run at night while I sleep. Is there anyone that can help? Thanks.

sdl_trade.gif 27 kb