AMA & AMA expert needed

Dear Traders and guy developper,

I have from more time study the AMA & AMA sig on 1m,5m,15,1h,daily and I have trade in demo manually with very good result.

I have think that will be helpfull a strategy expert based on the AMA & AMA sig.

Anibody can help me about this build?

Thanks very much.

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ama got slope version too


I need coding for an EA again please! Pretty simple I hope.

Here's the parameters:

Daily Chart,

150 Simple Moving Avg is the long/short filter (applied to the close)

Risk is 5% of account equity per trade

Initial stops are 2x the current 15 day ATR.

For longs, price has to breakout 5 pips above the highest high of the last 21 days with a buy stop, this is if and only if the breakout point is above the 150 SMA.

For shorts, price has to break down 5 pips lower than the lowest low of the last 21 days, this is if and only if the entry point is below the 150 SMA.

Although initial stops are 2x the current 15 day ATR, the stop must trail up to lock in profits as the trade moves in the desired direction...

The stop shall become an 11 day trailing stop -5 pips for longs. ONLY WHEN THE LOWEST LOW OF THE LAST 11 DAYS -5 PIPS IS HIGHER THAN THE INITIAL STOPLOSS.

The stop loss for shorts shall become the highest high of the last 11 days +5 pips. ONLY WHEN THE HIGHEST HIGH OF THE LAST 11 DAYS +5 PIPS IS LOWER THAN THE INITIAL STOPLOSS.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.


Coders and Programmers, please read!

I have a really neat system that I would absolutely love to have coded into an EA. I really hope someone can help!

Okay, here's the parameters:

Daily Chart

Bollinger Bands: 22 Period, 1 Deviation

150 Period EMA is the long/short filter when price is above 150 EMA, only take longs, below the 150 EMA, only take shorts.

There are 2 trade types: Breakouts/Breakdowns, and Bollinger Band Trades

Trade type #1: Breakouts/Breakdowns

Buy 8 day breakouts with buy stops at 8 day high +5 pips if breakout trigger is above the 150 EMA.

The Stop for this trade is the 40 day ATR x .25 in pips, not to exceed 3% of account equity per trade.

There is no target. As long as the stop isn't hit, exit the trade at the close of the 7th bar that you've been in the trade. (Obviously, this would be at the open of the 8th day, as you have to wait for the 7th day to close first.) Note: Bar number one is the day the trade was triggered.

Short 8 day breakdowns with sell stops at 8 day low -5 pips if breakdown trigger is below the 150 EMA.

Stops for this is the same as above.

Trade Type # 2: Bollinger Band Trades

Bollinger Band Longs:

When the market closes above the lower Bollinger Band, following a day that the market closed below the lower Bollinger Band, Buy! (at the next open, obviously, since you have to wait for the bar to close before a trade is triggered.) This BB long trade is only valid if the close is above the 150 EMA, remember.

The stoploss is the same as all the others, 1.75x the 15 day ATR, not to exceed 3% equity risk.

The target for the BB trade, however, is different. The target is the upper Bollinger Band. But since Bollinger Bands are dynamic with price, the target must too be dynamic, and go up and down just as the level of the top Band does.

Bollinger Band Shorts:

When the market closes below the upper Bollinger Band following a close above the upper Bollinger Band, go short! That is, of course, if and only if the close is also below the 150 EMA.

The stoploss is the same as the other trades previously discussed.

The target for the short BB trade is the lower Bollinger Band. This target has to be dynamic, and constantly changing with price and the lower band, as stated above.

Thanks in advance for your time and your help

Good trading!


Code for alternating long and short trade

Greetings all,

I need a code that will only allow my expert to go long if the last trade was short and only go short if the last trade was long.



code help

I need code that says:







Dynamic pivot point ea - 1000 pips per day

Can somebody create an EA described in this forum:

They are not willing to disclose it:

Need help to create a DYNAMIC PIVOT POINT EA - BabyPips.com Forex Forum

We should be concentrating making EA's on pivot points, this is what banks use, forget all the other indicators. Whats the mater with u people?


Looking for account info indi or ea

A couple of weeks ago I had a major hard drive crash and lost everything. I have found most of the indi's I was using and the couple of ea's, but I'm having problems finding one indi or ea.

The one I am lookin for could be a couple of years old now.

It showed the following information:

Broker time

System Time

Expected ROI for the year

Time and date of the max drawdown

and the current balance, deposit and equity on a line graph.

Thanks to anyone that can help me find this indi or ea.



very good result ea hedging

hi everyone here's the idea that we should put together and code this ea

i 've been live trading with very good profit .thanks guys


I take a buy trade 0.1 lots at 1.2950.. I put a TP 1.2965 and a SL 1.2920. (the SL is double the TP, and will be on all orders). At the same time I place a sellstop at 1.2935 0.2 lots TP 1.2920 SL 1.2965. If my first order hits TP then I'm fine.. 15 pips plus and I remove my sell stop order. BUT if my sell stop order is hit, this means my SL is hit as i trade with a 15 pip SL. By now I would have lost 15 pips, but thanks to the sellstop order, i'm hedged. If the sell orders TP gets hit now.. I will get out +- 0.. at BE.

0.1 x -30 pips = -30$

0.2 x +15 pips = +30$

Net = 0$

But with only a SL of 15 pips on my first order I would now have 15$ less on my balance.. BUT with this method, my trade went wrong and still didn't loose any money.

But what if the trade turns before the second order TP is hit?

When the second sellstop order is activaded, then i place a third order, buy 0.4 lots with the same numbers as the first order. Buystop 1.2950.. TP 1.2965 and a SL 1.2920, and if that is hit, i place a new sellstop for 0.8 lots TP 1.2920 SL 1.2965 and so on...

I have been in a trade where I had 5 positions open at the same time, but I missed that the market was caught in a range, usually I get 2-4 positions on a trade if i get it wrong. i have set a max of 6 open trades after that i will hedge them to neutral.


Buys open at 0.1 lots, 0.4 lots 1.6 lots = 2.1 buy lots

Sells open at 0.2 lots, 0.8 lots, 3.2 lost. = 4.2 sell lots

The next position taken here will be a buy for 2.1 lots so im neutral hedged also.. all TP and SL should be removed, because if i get all these positions activated, I'm caught in a ranging market and it's better to close the last position when the market is not ranging anymore.. and in this case, the last position should be closed when you see a sell signal.. strong..

Therefor, you should not take trades and using this method if the market is ranging.

So what do I want the EA to do?

This is a very nice method and gived me better confidence in my trades, but it's hard work placing, manage the trades, andi want to trade more pairs.

So an EA that places an opposite buy/sellstop order as soon as my first trade is placed.

The EA should then monitor that trade also, and if the first orders TP is hit, it removes the second STOP order. But if the second STOP order is activated, it places a third buy/sellstop order and so on.. until the trades have ended.

The EA should keep track of orders for diffrent pairs.

If it could be programmable, it should monitor more than one trades in a pair.


Here is a example

Here is a example

gold1.bmp 1407 kb
gold2.bmp 1407 kb
gold3.bmp 1407 kb