This is BEST Suited for scalping as the market is usually in sideways mode over 80% of the time.

I think my strategy will work great, if the EA is implemented correctly.

Here it is:


Lot Size = 0.01 (value #A)

Trades-With = 3 (#B)

Trades-Against = 1 (#C)

TP = 45 pips (#D)

SL-BUY = (#E) ----- (Example 1.2180)

SL-SELL = (#F) ----- (Example 1.4520)


* I will MANUALLY buy (or sell) .01 lot

For example, buy 0.01 EUR/USD at 1.3950

* when the price goes up 45 pips (D), it will close the BUY and open THREE (#B) more 0.01 Lots (#A) 0.01 BUYS Lots and ONE (#C) More 0.01 SELL Lot

* Again, if TP is hit, it will close the three Buys and open one more SELL.

Now, if it goes down 45 pips, it will hit the SELL TP and close it and open three more SELLs and open One BUY ....... and so on.

Now, let's say the price goes to 1.4520 (F) , then it will close all SELLS.

OR if the price goes to 1.2180 (E) , then it will close all BUYS.

That's it.

I'm sorry it's confusing but think of it this way:

Open One .01 Lot against PA and THREE 0.01 Lots with PA.

Everytime your TP hits, you open 3 more of the same direction and 1 of the opposite direction.

So, basically while you lose 1, you win 3 x 45 pips :-)

I would appreciate any help with an EA to do this.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Shleimun

Have you found anyone to code an EA for this strategy? I find it VERY interesting and began trading this live for two days now. I've closed 1530 pips of profit and currently have about -1300 in open orders (8 orders total, 0.01 lot per trade) on EUR/USD. I'm using a range of 1.2200 - 1.6100.

Tell me if I'm wrong but in any size range with this strategy there will essetially be a breakeven point reached (assuming the range boundries are not broken) and every 45 pip level closed for profit goes straight to the bank. That being said (MM is key) if you had an infinite range (no S/L), this essentially could run forever but the reality is the actual range is not infinite therefore over time it would have a breakeven point and ultimately be successfull with a margin call being the only concern.

I haven't missed an entry yet but I know I will eventually. If you wouldn't mind sharing the EA with me if you can get it developed, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


Re : Row Idea with new digital

Hi All,

I don't know is this true or not . But the analytical chart is true for each and every second display. So, the new digital scheme is used for our research and development.


Forex and Forex Trading



I want to make a simple EA (for experimenting) that makes use of fractals. Can anyone point in the right direction as to how to make the EA detect when up and down arrows occur? I seen the fractal function but I dont think it actually reports to the EA the indicators. Thanks for any help i can get!


EA Request


I would like to request EA to be made based on the following strategies.

-> Open a long position when price goes above a specific MA(adjustable), and reverse the position once it goes below.

-> Initial SL is 10 pips(adjustable), and once it reach 10 pips of profit, SL will move to break even.

-> Once the trade reach 25 pips(adjustable) of profit, it will start Trailing.

-> Also we can set TP by our choice.

-> Choice to open # of position on a specified time range.

Thanks for your help,



triad system formula

Hi, there

Has anybody have the manual of tria system formula, i will apreciate you help very much. Thank you in advance for your effort.


Turning to the pros...

I asked someone to create this EA for me but it's not working correctly and it looks like he might have abandoned it altogether because of the level of difficulty (he has done great work for me in the past). I've used my amateur eyes to go over it and although it really looks like a solid foundation, I'm starting to think it needs to be overhauled from the bottom - up. I was hoping someone could give me some advice.

The EA should enter one single trade when the histogram crosses the zero line. The average time spent on one side of the zero line is about 12 hours. Since I usually only target about 10% of the average daily range, I am usually out with profit within 15 - 90 minutes. The EA currently continues to place trades as soon as the original position is closed until the zero line is again crossed and signals begin in the opposite direction. It should only be placing between one and three trades a day.

Next, I've found that the exit strategy is also incorrect. When I trade this manually, I close 80% of my position at a TP level and let 20% run with a trailing stop. I have a different ea that can close parts of orders very well but it assigns a new TP level instead of a trailing stop to the remaining position. It uses global variables and needs the ticket/order number to be entered manually. I've been staring at it for weeks trying to figure out how it works. I'd like to use the same functionality but with a trailing stop instead. Right now, the yuri's take profit level works fine but it closes 100% of the trade and then opens an altogether new position in the same direction with 20% of the previous position size. It needs to close 80% and just let 20% continue with the same order number.

I'd like to ultimately have two methods for the exit strategy:

1. 80% is closed at TP and 20% continues with a trailing stop that is 95% the distance to the TP. A TP level of 20 pips would place a trailing stop at +1 pip (20 - 20*.95)

2. 80% is closed at TP, an initial stop loss is manually placed in profit and a trailing stop value is set. When the value of the trailing stop is reached, it will overtake the hard stop in profit and the position will continue with the larger trailing stop.

So this is where I am... a bit frustrated but dedicated to the system. I'm going to keep rooting through forums digging for fixes on my Friday nights but I wanted to see if anyone might be able to provide some insight. I'm about to start trying to nest this EA inside the other Partial Close EA line by line. Based on the construction of the partial close EA with the global variables, I don't think it's possible to integrate it into this one. If it is, I'm not up to taking on that challenge this year.

I have found thispost but the yuri EA needs to work around the histogram instead of the previous candle and needs to check if there is a trade in the trade history for the most recent signal. At least... that's what I think needs to be done.

Thanks so much for even reading all of this and please let me know if you have any ideas.


**I've seen some folks say this indicator is worthless because it repaints. I have read extensively on this indicator and use both versions, the one that repaints and the one that does not. If you load this ea, you will see there is a parameter to define the "Indicator name." This allows me to use either version of the indicator. In actuality, I've gotten far better results with the original (repainting) indicator when live trading even when it modifies previous data.

ra_yuri.mq4 11 kb
yuri_rev.gif 22 kb

Indicator Needed

Hey everyone,

Can anyone do me a favour and program these indicators for me it wud really help in my trading

1.An indicator that should draw arrows on charts for awesome oscillator and accelerator oscillator i.e when they change color.

if there can be an alert sound it would be great.

it should show the current trend direction on the top right corner of the chart

if only one oscillator's value is increasing the trend should be shown as weak and if both oscillator's are increasing it should show it as strong.

i hope it will b easy to program.

Also another indicator if one can program it sounds difficult.

2.An indicator that shows the accelerator oscillator's value at the opening of a new candle with a histogram of increase or decrease value (difference)at bar close.

Kindest Regards

Ahsan Ali


Who can make EA based on better volume indicator?

This is a simple trading strategy..

It's all based on better volume 1.4 indicator.

I noticed we can make use of high churn (green tick)

After the green tick is confirmed, EA will set 2 pending order at the high and low of the green tick's candle formation.

Please make extern available for SL and TP (default setting is SL=15, TP=30)

EA automatic turn off / delete all pending order after 1 hour of the current pending order

Attachable in any timeframe, default setting is H1

Changeable trading time for EA, default is 1400-1600 (before London market open)

Thank you so much, coders........


need EA help for successful system

Have a sucessful trading system using stoch and 2 custom indicators.

1 hour system. 50-150 pips per trade

Need EA coder for my trading system

PM me with your email if can help out. Thanks in advance