Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev
So why do you say you think I lie, you don't know? I thought you knew? Why would you supply an answer if you didn't know? If you don't want to or can't code it, don't reply to the message. I supplied all code and parameter for any one to test

You should test.

Because you asked for the coder.

And because you asked for the EA.

I know.

Look at this thread:

and his thread:

So, you want:

- to receive the coder for free to code your idea;

- you do not want to test your idea. Your want to receive the tester for free;

- and you do not want to pay to them and do not want to tell to the people that your system is profitable?

One more request like this - and I will ban you from the forum.


I'm sure many members would help if you did not ban me from the forum. I have attached a photo how I use it

Here is how I use my system now, you can download all files, care to parameter-



risk 0

ssp 97


ssp 199

trade forexofftrend.mq4 direction using confirmation from talkforex.mq4

I'm sure you can calculate for yourself the time needed to test that parameter on M15 compared to the time to convert it to an EA. If you are familiar with the ranges then you are familiar with the answer. I never said I didn't want to test the system, and you never said you were an administrator when you were asking your original questions.

Your indicator is well-known BykovTrend_Sig.

I traded those systems and there are many free EAs based on asctrend.

Why you do not want to test your system.

You want for the coder to code.

But you do not want to show that it is profitable?

It is totally dishonest.

If you will repeat any of your requests in your way ("i do not want and do not like to do anything for myself but you guys must code for me and test for me for free") so I will ban you permanenty from the forum.
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
I'm sure you can calculate for yourself the time needed to test that parameter on M15 ...

It is your problem sorry.

Or ask for free testers. May be someone will be interesting to test it for YOU for free (and after that - code it for YOU for free).

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Besides, your talkforex indicator is not talkforex.

It was coded by one programmer long time ago. For free.

And some bad people renamed this indicator.

And this indicator was coded for 4 digit broker so it should be improved for 5 digit.

Same with forexofftrend.

I think - you need this thread:


1094 pips in last 2 and half months


I have manually backtested my system and it has achieved a total of 1094 pips since 1st January 2010.

Thats a total winning pips of 2542 and total loss pips of 1448.

1094 pips using 1 Lot is = $10,940 profit in just two and a half months.

And probabaly about $50,000 using money management strategy.

Stop Loss is 15 pips, and the stop loss has been hit a maximum of 8 times per day, giving a maximum daily loss of 120 pips.

Out of 60 trading days, there were 16 losing days.

Maximum consecutive losing pips/days were 3 days/132 pips.

Based on 2 and a half months of manual backtest results, the findings shows that the average pips made per day is 18.22.

That is an average of $182.22 per day (more than your average daily wage). (The average is a calculation of winning and losing days).

The average winning pips per day is 42 pips.

The average losing pips per day is 24 pips.

The System:

(Please create an EA for this, this is the only reason I am posting it).

Establish daily pivot point lines at sydney open time (pivot point levels based on new york opening and closing time).

Important: we never use limit orders, we only use stop orders, regardless of if the market price is above or below the market price.

Buy at 10 pips above pivot, TP: R1

Sell at 10 pips below pivot, TP: S1

Stop Loss: 15 pips.

If SL is triggered, for a sell order, re-place sell stop order again. Same for buy order.

Close all positions once target has been met which is R1 or S1.

Any questions, please ask.

Please find the attached xls file for manual backtest result.

Once a simple EA is made on the method described above, I can then tell the programmer how to tweak it for phenominal results. So dont just make it and keep it to yourself, and your selfishness may haunt you.

pptr1.xls 30 kb

Can someone help to make into EA


I found trading this method quite profitable. Could someone please help to improve and programme it into an EA so everyone can benefit from it.

Thanks alot!!!

Chart: Renko, 5pip per block

Indicator: Exponential Moving Average, period 6, shift 0

Entry: enter on the next bar opening price

Exit: close on the opposite direction bar closing price

Logic: Do not open position when bar crossing with MA6

Maximun open position: 2 lot

Each entry: 1 lot

Appreciate alot!!!!!!!


to f1trader


I would like to make the EA that exactly automates your method, but:

1. which currency does this data you published apply to?

2. did you include the spread (+ possibly commission) and slippage?

3. which particular Pivot/S/R model do you use?

For the last point the EA could calculate different ways to check the best (historical) outcome.





Hi FloFri,


2). I included 2 pip spread, no commision, no slippage.

3). It is the daily pivot points, calculated from New York Open, to New York Close, established at Sydney Open time.

I can send you the pivot point indicator if you like.

Any more questions, let me know.


Pivot Point Indicator


here is the link for the indicator i used to backtest:

Daily Pivot Points shifted for different day start time - MQL4 Code Base