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2012.09.17 16:22

Inter - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The indicator was originally developed to simplify receiving synchronized and normalized data and deliver to the neural network inputs. 

The data is synchronized by the symbol, at which the indicator is installed. 

Perhaps, someone will be able to find some other application area for it.

Up to 10 lines (buffers) from various symbols, timeframes and signals can be displayed. 

Input parameters:

  • Instrument - instrument (symbol) name, selected from the list,
  • Variant - indicator calculation variant, selected from the list,
  • Timeframe - timeframe for the indicator calculation,
  • Parametr - the indicator calculation parameter (period).
Variant parameter can take the following values:

  •    NONE - not calculated,
  •    HLP - calculated as the ratio of maximums and minimums for the previous "Parametr" bars,
  •    Op0_OpN - Open[0]-Open[Parametr],
  •    RSI - normal RSI with  "Parametr" period,
  •    Stoch - normal Stochastic with "Parametr,3,3", parameters,
  •    Op0_Ma - Open[0]-iMa[0] with "Parametr" smoothing period,
  •    Ma0_Ma1 - Ma[0]-Ma[1] with "Parametr" smoothing period,
  •    Time - Parametr time of day (can be 0 or >=1).
The similar parameters are used for all ten buffers.




It should be noted that when calculating Op0_OpN, Op0_Ma and Ma0_Ma1, normalization to -1;  +1; range is performed as soon as new data is received.

In this case, it is recommended to set Maximum Bars Calculate parameter to be twice as large as the required data amount.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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