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2008.08.20 07:23
2016.03.29 13:25

Just like the Kijun-sen+ indicator, it draws both lines forward on a specified number of periods. Periods and the number of periods for drawing forward are specified separately for each line in external parameters. I use it together with the Silver-channels. In a flat market, these lines rest, as a rule, because there are no new periods.

P.S. It is a new version dated 13.06.2006 (the error of drawing forward is corrected; the chart was drawn on 1 odd bar there).

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х1 х1

A simple indicatorless system based on the adding of the position with a decreased lot until the reaching of the necessary profit level.

Hemnina Hemnina

Indicator Hemnina. It is recomendatory.

Silver-channels Silver-channels

An indicator that is to be placed on the Ichimoku allows to trade both in the trend and in the flat playing mode.

3LineBreak 3LineBreak

An indicator that colors the bars of the bullish trend with the blue color and the bars of the bearish trend with the red color.