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2008.05.27 18:41
Volatility Quality EA

Volatility Quality EA - expert for MetaTrader 4

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votes: 4
VQ.mq4 (7.12 KB)view
VQ_EA.mq4 (33.23 KB)view

This expert is based on the Volatility Quality Index (created by raff1410) that permits to find the main trends. The buy/sell signals are indicated by arrows and the up/down trends by green/red lines. The VQ.mq4 file has to be put in the "indicators" directory, and the VQ_EA.mq4 in the "experts" directory. The EA is the most suitable for major pairs, X/JPY and Oil on H1 and H4.


Test first on demo.

Strategy Tester Report
ODL-MT4 Demo (Build 216)

SymboleOIL (Brent Crude Oil)
Periode1 Heure (H1) 2008.05.01 00:00 - 2008.05.26 17:00 (2008.05.01 - 2008.05.30)
ModeleChaque tick (la méthode la plus précise, basée sur tous les moindres relevés disponibles)
ParametresLots=0.2; StopLoss=0; TakeProfit=0; TradeAtCloseBar=true; TrailingStop=0; TrailingStep=1; BreakEven=0; MagicNumber=0; Repeat=3; Periods=5; UseAlert=false; SendEmail=true; TradeLog="VQ_EA"; Slippage=3; Indicator_Setting="---------- Indicator Setting"; Crash=false; TimeFrame=0; Length=5; Method=3; Smoothing=1; Filter=5; RealTime=true; Steady=false; Color=true; Alerts=true; EmailON=false; SignalPrice=true; SignalPriceBUY=Yellow; SignalPriceSELL=Aqua; CountBars=1485;

Bars en test1376Ticks modelés211185Qualité du modelage90.00%
Erreurs des graphiques désaccordés0

Dépot initial350.00

Profit total net3566.00Profit brut5278.00Perte brute-1712.00
Facteur de profit3.08Rémunération espérée209.76

Chute absolue62.00Chute maximal (%)1244.00 (35.83%)Enfoncement relatif72.73% (768.00)

Total des Trades17Positions SHORT (vente) gagnées %8 (25.00%)Positions LONG (achat) gagnées %9 (55.56%)

Profits des Trades (% du total) 7 (41.18%)Pertes des Trades (% du total) 10 (58.82%)
Le plus largegains par Trade1828.00pertes par Trade-442.00
Average (moyenne)gains par Trade754.00pertes par Trade-171.20
Maximumgains consecutifs (profit en $)2 (2024.00)pertes consecutives (perte en $)3 (-694.00)
MaximalGains consecutifs (coups gagnants)2024.00 (2)Pertes consecutives (coups perdants)-694.00 (3)
Average (moyenne)gains consecutifs1Pertes consecutives2

#Date exécutionTransactionOrdreVolumePrixS/L (Stop/Perte)T/P (Prendre/profit)ProfitBalance
12008.05.01 08:00sell10.20111.980.000.00
22008.05.01 19:00close10.20110.590.000.00278.00628.00
32008.05.01 19:00buy20.20110.600.000.00
42008.05.02 01:00close20.20109.940.000.00-132.00496.00
52008.05.02 01:01sell30.20109.890.000.00
62008.05.02 09:00close30.20110.810.000.00-184.00312.00
72008.05.02 09:00buy40.20110.820.000.00
82008.05.07 06:00close40.20119.960.000.001828.002140.00
92008.05.07 06:00sell50.20119.920.000.00
102008.05.07 08:00close50.20120.730.000.00-162.001978.00
112008.05.07 08:00buy60.20120.740.000.00
122008.05.12 03:00close60.20124.810.000.00814.002792.00
132008.05.13 08:00buy70.20122.750.000.00
142008.05.14 08:00close70.20123.540.000.00158.002950.00
152008.05.14 08:00sell80.20123.560.000.00
162008.05.15 09:00close80.20123.620.000.00-12.002938.00
172008.05.15 09:00buy90.20123.610.000.00
182008.05.16 17:00close90.20124.490.000.00176.003114.00
192008.05.16 17:00sell100.20124.470.000.00
202008.05.19 12:00close100.20125.820.000.00-270.002844.00
212008.05.19 12:00buy110.20125.830.000.00
222008.05.19 16:00close110.20124.570.000.00-252.002592.00
232008.05.19 16:00sell120.20124.580.000.00
242008.05.19 21:01close120.20125.440.000.00-172.002420.00
252008.05.19 21:01buy130.20125.450.000.00
262008.05.22 13:00close130.20133.290.000.001568.003988.00
272008.05.22 13:00sell140.20133.300.000.00
282008.05.23 02:00close140.20131.020.000.00456.004444.00
292008.05.23 02:00buy150.20131.010.000.00
302008.05.23 16:00close150.20130.700.000.00-62.004382.00
312008.05.23 16:00sell160.20130.680.000.00
322008.05.26 10:00close160.20132.890.000.00-442.003940.00
332008.05.26 10:00buy170.20132.860.000.00
342008.05.26 17:29close at stop170.20132.740.000.00-24.003916.00
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