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2008.07.10 09:12

T3.Lnx - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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T3Series.mqh (31.22 KB)view
T3_Lnx.mq4 (6.51 KB)view

Indicator T3.Lnx. It uses signals Heiken Ashi.

For the indicator to work, you should place files T3Series.mqh and PriceSeries.mqh into directory MetaTrader\experts\include.

Heiken Ashi#.mq4 should be placed in directory MetaTrader\indicators.


T3Period= 14; // averaging period of T3Bollinger Bands
MA_method=0; // averaging method
MA_Smooth=20; // smoothing depth of the obtained Moving Averages
Bands_Smooth=20; // smoothing depth of the obtained Bollinger Bands
Smooth_Curvature=100; // smoothing parameter ranging from -100 to +100; it affects the transition quality;
Bands_Shift=0; // indicator's shift along the time axis
Input_Price_Customs=0; // selecting prices the indicator is calculated on


BW MFI + Volumes BW MFI + Volumes

An update for the BW MFI with the displaying of volumes.

ZZ_TimeWinter 1-1000.mq4 ZZ_TimeWinter 1-1000.mq4

YURAZ's library, determining the switch to dayllight saving time and revert to standard time

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