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2008.06.07 07:38
2016.11.22 07:32

The gist of the EA is the 15 pending BuyLimit and 15 pending SellLimit orders (the distance is specified by the "shag" value) are placed, then some of them trigger and we wait while the price goes to the opposite direction by the specified value - my_profit. If the price doesn't return to the necessary side, then the loss is fixed - my_stop.

The problem is to search the necessary algorithm of floating StopLoss specifying or the level of orders placing. I've tested it only with the pound, but I think that it will work with the others (with the other parameters). If anybody has any suggestions I will appreciate for the help. The picture:

Что-то такое выходит!

Optimization with the stop.

Optimization without stops (shows a good result, but discharge occurs one "fine" day).

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Original code:

Normalized Volume Normalized Volume

Indicator of the normalized volume

HarVesteR HarVesteR

Combo of averages and MACD. All parameters are free to be changed.

PLdot PLdot

Very simple indicator PLdot. It's been even optimized.

Tro_Range Tro_Range

Indicator Tro_Range.