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2008.05.23 08:04
2016.11.22 07:32
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No indicators are used in this strategy!

Trading Strategy Algorithm:

1.Open the daily chart of EURUSD, lots 0.1.
As soon as a new candlestick (bar) is formed, open two trades (buy & sell) simultaneously (TakeProfit must be 10 points).
TrailingStop and StopLoss place at 50 points.
If one of the trades is closed, then open an additional position in the direction of the remaining one.

Exit trades, in all cases, by StopLoss or by TakeProfit.

Test on EURUSD D1 within the period from 2007.01.11 to 2008.01.11:

The working result of the optimized parameters within the period from 2007.01.11 to 2008.01.11:

The profit made over $6,100 within that period, profit factor being equal to 5.81, expected payoff being equal to practically 100!!!

You can see the forward testing results outside the optimization area and the results obtained for other timeframes in our magazine's issue from 14.04.2008.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

linreg linreg

A simple indicator will be useful for beginners. Even the present optimization.

Tro_Mid Tro_Mid

Shows when to sell and when to buy, but not so simple.

Digistoch-1 Digistoch-1

Indicator has a rekomendatsionny nature. Shows signals on the basis stohastika.

mt4mm mt4mm

Automated volume calculation for the preset risk factor, and order(s) opening.