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2008.12.08 07:20
2016.03.29 11:36
Indexes_v4.mq4 (16.29 KB)view

Author: Xupypr

Indicator Indexes_v4. It shows the motion pattern of two or more indexes on a single chart.

I've read that the "auto_detect_pair" parameter should be equal to "false", at the same time you can specify what exactly indexes to display with the "show_USD" and so on, the default one is to display all. The description of all parameters is in the source code. Look throug hthe code.

An one thing more - indexes are united to one point at the beginning of every week, i.e. the base point is changed with the coming of every new one - the close prices of the previous week are used.

The last version of the indicator is here.

The indicator requires the uploading of the history of all symbols.

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