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The currency indices indicator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Igor Korepin | English Español Русский 中文 Deutsch 日本語 Português

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2016.03.25 14:47
2018.01.22 13:46
Indexes_v7L.mq4 (22.46 KB)view

The Indexes_v7L indicator calculates the indices of 8 major currencies. All 8 indices will be displayed in one window. It is possible to enable the automatic detection of the currency pair when attaching to a chart, and the output of the corresponding indices. Calculation of CCI, RSI, Momentum, MACD and Stochastic based on the currency indices, and also application of Moving Averages. The indicator displays the increase/decrease in the price of the currency as a percentage of some initial value set as 100% relative to the currency basket. The undeniable advantage of the indicator is the ability to see the entire market at once without switching charts.

All versions of the indicators require only 7 currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY.

Currency indices

MACD for the currency indices

Stochastic for the indices of EUR and USD

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Original code:

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