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2008.12.09 07:28
2014.04.21 14:53
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Let's continue the Tartan's topic "50 pips a day", but slightly from the other side, as I see it.

You can take the guaranteed 50-60-100 pips if you enter from the flat. Everybody has noticed a long time ago that when the price consolidates the movings interwine in a strap. A great movement ripens and I suggest to take and put in a pocket a part of this movement. I found the i-CA indicator instead of movings, it is more comfortable to place the stops after it and it is more demonstrative. May be it has some other advantages I didn't examine it deeply.

At the request of mates from Alpari I drawn the quant of the EA e-CA-5 (uploaded) on a break through of one i-CA line. It seemed to me that one is too little for a guaranteed profit, so I added another two with different parameters. Now look what is the result.

Attention: It works with the i-CA indicator.

Input Parameters:

extern double  TakeProfit  = 60;
extern int     StopLoss    = 40;
extern double  Lots        = 0.1;
extern int     Trailing    = 0;
extern int     Step        = 0;
extern int MA.Period = 35;
extern int MA.method = 0;//MODE_SMA
extern int sigma_b=5;
extern int sigma_s=5;


An Example of Working:

Also see the attached Zip file.

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