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2008.02.27 08:39
2016.11.22 07:32

The indicator shows the full symbol name on a chart:

A list of full symbol names from several dealing centers is collected in the indicator. If the list does not contain a symbol, it will be shown in its usual abbreviated form.


Color - font color;
FontSize - font size;
Corner - binding corner: 0 - upper left corner, 1 - upper right corner, 2 - lower left corner, 3 - lower right corner;
X - X coordinate;
Y - Y coordinate.


Indicator of Quasi-Volume bars Indicator of Quasi-Volume bars

Bars of almost equal volumes are formed.

Turbo JRSX Turbo JRSX

The indicator shows a trend.

Awesome_Signal - Extended Awesome Awesome_Signal - Extended Awesome

The standard Awesome with some amendments: signal line, setup of quick, slow, signal line, shifting of the signal line.

Acceleration&Speed Indicator Acceleration&Speed Indicator

The indicator Acceleration&Speed shows speed and acceleration of a price change.