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2016.05.16 09:32

3c_JRSX_H - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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3c_JRSX_H.mq4 (5.34 KB)view
Author: Weld, Jurik Research

The properties of this indicator are quite similar to the classic oscillators and exactly the same methods of technical analysis can be applied to it as to the RSI. Only through the use of more sophisticated smoothing algorithms it has less delay and smoother shape of the curve.

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Original code:

BW2 - WiseMan 1 BW2 - WiseMan 1

The BW2 - WiseMan 1 indicator. Based on the book by Bill Williams - Trading Chaos Second Edition.


Here, the focus is on the middle part of the price series. In fact, they are double-smoothed simple moving averages. The simple Moving Averages' length depends on evenness or oddness of the chosen number of periods.

ADX Crossing ADX Crossing

Directional system (ADX). The directional system has been created by George Wilder in the middle of the 70s as an addition to the PARABOLIC SAR system, and then further developed by a number of analysts.

ASCT1sig ASCT1sig

The indicator generates a sound signal and a Sell or Bye window appears.