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2007.05.21 09:28
2016.03.29 10:56

i-HighLow indicator draws the channel with borders correspond to highest high and lowest low values of the bar's shadows for the last N bars.

Indicators' parameters are:

  • extern int N = 20; - searching of highest/lowest bars for the last 20 bars
  • extern int N2 = 5; - drawing the borders with 5 points offset by price axis

i-Breakeven i-Breakeven

i-Breakeven groups the open position by symbol and for the each of group shows: 1. The current equity level. 2. The estimated breakeven level.

Waddah Attar RSI Level Waddah Attar RSI Level

You never see like this indicator before. This indicator draw Dayly RSI Level on your chart like CAMERILLA and Pivot. The levels is very powerful and very matchful. Try it quickly.

i-OneThird i-OneThird

i-OneThird indicator highlights bullish and bearish candles in HeikenAshi style.

i-5days i-5days

5days indicator marks the first bar of each new day.