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2012.01.13 13:09

sSyncScroll - script for MetaTrader 5

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Script for the charts simultaneous scrolling.

The script is launched on one chart. When scrolling any of the charts, the rest ones are also shifted. Such a position is marked by vertical lines.

It is better to turn on the "Shift end of the chart from the right border" option when using the script.

Script for the charts simultaneous scrolling

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

ElderImpulseSystem_HTF_Signal ElderImpulseSystem_HTF_Signal

ElderImpulseSystem_HTF_Signal displays trend directions from the last bars of the ElderImpulseSystem as a sequence of graphical objects. The number of bars to be used is set in the input parameters.

IncCHOOnArray IncCHOOnArray

CCHOOnArray class is designed for calculation of Chaikin Oscillator (CHO) values on indicator buffers. Test_CHOOnArray indicator is provided as the example of the class use.

IncRVIOnArray IncRVIOnArray

CRVIOnArray class is designed for calculation of RVI (Relative Vigor Index) values on indicator buffers. Test_RVIOnArray indicator is provided as the example of the class use.

Quotes Monitoring  (memory-mapped file) Quotes Monitoring (memory-mapped file)

This Expert Advisor is example of use of the Memory Mapping DLL for working with File Mapping functions. In this example the Expert Advisor create a virtual (memory-mapped) file and start to update the quotes on symbol. Using this way, Expert Advisors can exchange data (for example, quotes) using common memory-mapped file.