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2011.10.31 17:53
2016.11.22 07:32
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This is the Automated Trading Championship 2011 version of the Expert Advisor.

It uses the signals of the standard MACD indicator - zero line crossover and signal line reversal, also it uses aggressive addition to position up to maximum volume. Optimized for EURUSD H1. The code is written without the use of object-oriented programming, it uses the MACD indicator and doesn't need any other files.

Automated Trading Championship 2011 Winner Expert Advisor cs2011

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Original code:

LRMA_Channel_trajectory LRMA_Channel_trajectory

The indicator builds the trajectory of the front linear regression and standard deviation points.

SuperTrend SuperTrend

SuperTrend trend indicator.

Stochastic RVI Stochastic RVI

Stochastic RVI is a standard Stochastic Oscillator applied to the values of RVI (Relative Vigor Index) indicator instead of a price.

Ease of Movement Ease of Movement

Ease of Movement technical indicator is used to display the ratio between prices change rate and market volume.