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2011.10.07 19:00

Camarilla Equation - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Camarilla Equation system was implemented by Nick Stott at the end of 1980s.

Camarilla Equation consists of 8 or 10 levels (in later modifications) calculated by using Open, Close, High and Low prices of a previous trading session and a set of instructions on the application of these levels in trading.

The levels are divided in two groups. The first one is built downwards from the yesterday's Close price, indicated by L symbol (for "Low") and numbered from 1 to 5. Similarly, the second group of levels is built upwards from the yesterday's Close price, indicated by H symbol (for "High") and also numbered from 1 to 5.

It should be noted that levels 1 and 2 have comparatively small value and are often not considered. As for L5 and H5 levels, they should always be considered, though they are ignored in some sources.

Camarilla Equation levels are calculated the following way:

H1 = close + (high-low)*1.1 /12
H2 = close + (high-low)*1.1 /6
H3 = close + (high-low)*1.1 /4
H4 = close + (high-low)*1.1 /2
H5 = (high/low)*close

L1 = close - (high-low)*1.1 /12
L2 = close - (high-low)*1.1 /6
L3 = close - (high-low)*1.1 /4
L4 = close - (high-low)*1.1 /2
L5 = close - (H5 - close)


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Original code:


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