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RSTL - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Nikolay Kositsin
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2011.09.05 16:15
2016.11.22 07:32
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Real author:

Vladimir Kravchuk

"New Adaptive Method of Following the Tendency and Market Cycles"

RSTL (Reference Slow Trend Line) is a response "slow" trend line. It is a response of FLF-1 and FLF-2 digital filters to the input discrete sequence. The filters are set with the delay equal to the Nyquist TNi range.


RSTL reference line is an equivalent of simple moving "averages" from the viewpoint of their delay relative to the current prices. Mentioned similarity would have been complete, in case we use an impulse parameter having 1/N weights that corresponds to the procedure of the dotted moving smoothing instead of the complicated FLF impulse parameters.

RSTL (Reference Slow Trend Line) indicator

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Original code:


While creating Kairi (KRI) oscillator, deviation of a price from its simple moving average is calculated. The result is shown in percentage of the average.


Moving average indicator with the linear regression smoothing algorithm.

PriceChannel_Stop PriceChannel_Stop

The indicator generates market entry signals and draws the line of Stop Loss orders positioning.

2pbIdealMA 2pbIdealMA

2pbIdeal1MA.mq5 and 2pbIdeal3MA.mq5 indicators are the moving averages with the smoothing algorithm developed by Neutron.