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D_Oscillator - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.03.01 11:57

D-Oscillator is an oscillator based on the RSI and CCI ratio.

Calculation formula

Line1[i] = 2/(Smooth + 1)*StCCI + (1 - 2/(Smooth + 1))*Line1[i-1]

Line2[i] = 2/(Smooth*0.8 + 1)*Line1[i-1] + (1 - 2/(Smooth*0.8 + 1))*Line2[i-1]


StCCI = [CCI_Coeff]*CCI[i] + (1 - [CCI_Coeff])*StRSI

StRSI = (RSI[i] - MinRSI)*200/(MaxRSI - MinRSI) - 100

MaxRSI, MinRSI - the maximum/minimum values of RSI between [i-D_Period] and [i].

The indicator has five input parameters:

  • RSI period - RSI calculation period;
  • D-period - the number of bars to search for the maximum/minimum RSI values;
  • CCI period - CCI indicator parameter;
  • CCI coefficient - CCI indicator parameter;
  • Smooth - smoothing.

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Original code:

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