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CMqlParams - library for MetaTrader 5

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2017.06.30 14:54
2017.06.30 14:54
MqlParams.mqh (3.26 KB)view

Public methods:

MqlParam          params[];

Public access to the params array;

CMqlParams*       Set(T data,ENUM_DATATYPE type = TYPE_LONG);

This is the main method of setting the params. Methods can be chained to add multiple params at the same time. *see example script.

T                 Get(int index);


int param = Get<int>(0);

Returns the param data at index. 

ENUM_DATATYPE     Type(int index)

Returns the type at index.

int               Total()

Returns the total number of params.

CMqlParams*       Clear() 

Clears the param array and sets Total() to 0

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