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2017.03.22 16:17
JuiceZ.mq5 (12.36 KB)view

Real author: Perky_z

An indicator of financial asset volatility using the OSMA oscillator.

Indicator formula:

JuiceZ = ( Abs(OSMA) / Point ) - Level

, where:

  • Abs(OSMA) - absolute value of the OSMA indicator;
  • Point - point value in the price chart units;
  • Level - the price changed level specified in the inputs, which should be considered as flat (all OSMA values below this level make the indicator negative).

The trend is believed to be strong, if the indicator above zero is colored in light green. In this situation, if other indicators provide a trade signal, a position can be opened.

Fig1. The JuiceZ indicator

Fig1. The JuiceZ indicator

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Original code:

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