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2016.12.19 09:43

Rsi(oma) with auto Fibonacci levels - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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RSI (OMA) that shows automatic Fibonacci levels for RSI. 

If the prices smoothing period is set to > 1, then the indicator calculates one of the chosen RSI (OMA) values. If the price smoothing is set to <= 1, then the calculated value is RSI. RSI can be one of the 7 types:

  • Cuttler's RSI
  • Ehlers' smoothed RSI
  • Harris' RSI
  • Rapid RSI
  • RSI
  • RSX
  • Slow RSI

For any RSI value calculated, the indicator automatically shows the Fibonacci levels, so that the value of rsi can be estimated using those levels.


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