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Stochastic RSI (OMA) - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2016.12.12 08:53

Stochastic RSI (OMA).

This indicator allows calculation of stochastic of RSI and stochastic of RSI of average (this version has the basic 4 types of averages).

The RSI types it has are :

    • Cuttler's RSI
    • Ehlers' smoothed RSI
    • Harris' RSI
    • Rapid RSI
    • RSI
    • RSX
    • Slow RSI

If you use price smoothing, then they are becoming RSI (OMA), if you do not, then "regular" rsi is calculated. Levels can be

  • floating
  • quantile
  • or fixed

Alerts are based on color change settings — which in turn can be :

  • on outer levels cross
  • on middle level cross
  • on slope change

It is using the usual set of 22 prices and is already a multi time frame version.

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