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2016.11.02 14:15
2017.01.16 09:18

Real author: Im_hungry

This indicator shows vertical and horizontal lines that you can set in very different ways. For example in my picture there are entry levels (dash yellow lines) and TP (solid lime lines), but you can easily change all distance of all lines and find the best way to work with it.

Then there are vertical lines on the most hot hours, but you can easily change on settings.

Candle Timer Candle Timer

Candle Timer shows the time remaining until the end of the candle.

Multi Pass Averages Multi Pass Averages

Multi pass averages MetaTrader 5 version is similar to multi weighted MA but this one allows the additional 16 types of averages instead of using just LWMA.

Trading Sessions Open - Close Trading Sessions Open - Close

This is a trading sessions indicator.

Directional RSI Directional RSI

RSI that is based on Directional Movement with added filtering and PSAR