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2016.11.01 17:16

Multi Pass Averages - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Multi pass averages MetaTrader 5 version is similar to multi weighted MA but this one allows the additional 16 types of averages instead of using just LWMA.

As usual, this version is made so that it can be applied to other indicators too (it can accept other indicator data in the price field). Maximal depth is up to 25.

Ehlers Inverse Fisher Transform Ehlers Inverse Fisher Transform

This is a Ehlers inverse fisher transform with an addition of choices of different rsi calculations that can be used.

Gaussian Filter Gaussian Filter

Gaussian Filter for apply to other indicators too.

Candle Timer Candle Timer

Candle Timer shows the time remaining until the end of the candle.

Grid Maker Grid Maker

This indicator shows vertical and horizontal lines that you can set in different ways.