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2016.10.28 15:18
2016.11.07 10:56
highs-lows.mq5 (6.02 KB)view

A simple indicator that shows the high and the low of desired time frame on a current chart.

It can be limited to show just a certain number of higher time frame values back (in order to keep the chart as clean as possible). It can be used as usually this type of indicators are used: for expected volatility estimation.

Double Stochastic Double Stochastic

A stochastic indicator with a twist: it is calculating a stochastic, and then a stochastic of that stochastic.

Guppy MMA Guppy MMA

It is made more up-to-date and multi time frame option added.

Nonlag_MA_MACD Nonlag_MA_MACD

MACD variation that uses Nonlag MA.

T3_Double Bands T3_Double Bands

Three T3s calculated: of high (upper line), close (middle line) and low (lower line).