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2016.10.20 17:09

Jurik Filter - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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This is an improved Jurik Filter with the option to be applied to any indicator not only to prices.

The computation in this version is improved compared to orginal version (faster response but the smoothness is kept).

Also, the addition of slope coloring can help in many cases: even in cases like setting the period to 1 and masking the underlying indicator with color changes even when the underlying indicator can not do that.

One More Average One More Average

The idea of this one is simple: it should "imitate" as much other moving averages as it can.

Gann High Low Activator Gann High Low Activator

This version is showing the channel that needs to be broken if the trend is going to be changed.

NonLag MA NonLag MA

MetaTrader 5 version of NonLag MA.

Moving Averages with Colors Moving Averages with Colors

"Classical" MA with a twist: colors change depending on the angle of the slope.