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2016.10.20 17:27

Moving Averages with Colors - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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"Classical" averages with a twist.

Сolors change depending on the angle of the slope: the greater the angle the color will be closer or equal to "Fast up" color. The smaller the angle the color will be closer or equal to "Fast down" color. The rest is drawn as a gradient between the two colors (depending on the angle of MA).

The "equal" part depends on the "Angle threshold for color steps" parameter: if you set 90, it is obvious that it will never be reached. Default for this parameter is set to 20 degrees.

NonLag MA NonLag MA

MetaTrader 5 version of NonLag MA.

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This is an improved Jurik Filter with the option to be applied to any indicator not only to prices.

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Super pass-band filter as described by John Ehlers