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The chart layout in X-points reversal. It is a qualified ZigZag drawn on the basis of HiLo.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 28.10.2007.  

Fig.1 The RPoint indicator

Fig.1 The RPoint indicator 

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Trend Lines Crossing Trend Lines Crossing

The indicator "collects" the information of a trend lines drawn on a current chart, displays the prices of lines in the last (forming) bar and also either gives signals, or sends alerts when price crosses the trend line upon trader choice

Exp_ColorSchaffTrendCycle Exp_ColorSchaffTrendCycle

The trading system is based on the signals of the ColorSchaffTrendCycle indicator.

KositBablo10 KositBablo10

The Expert Advisor with which Alexander Prishchenko (Crucian) participated in Automated Trading Championship 2012

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Moving Average with the choice of TF.