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2015.07.28 11:36
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Well Martin EA is based on two indicators: Bollinger Bands and ADX. It is designed for use on a tranquil market.

After a Stop Loss, the EA increases the lot by KLot coefficient until it reaches the maximum value — MaxLot. Then the lot returns to its start size — Lot.

The EA has Stealth Mode in which the stops are visible only to the user.

When breaking through the lower Bollinger Bands boundary, the EA opens a Buy order, when breaking through the higher boundary, it opens a Sell order. 

EURUSD, М15 timeframe.

Expert Advisor parameters:

//--- Bollinger Bands indicator input parameters
input int      BBPeriod  = 84;        // Bollinger Bands period
input int      BBShift   = 0;         // Offset relative to the chart
input double   BBDev     = 1.8;       // Standard deviation
//--- ADX indicator input parameters
input int      ADXPeriod = 40;        // ADX period
input int      ADXLevel  = 45;        // ADX level
//--- EA input parameters
input int      TP        = 1200;      // Take Profit
input int      SL        = 1400;      // Stop Loss
input int      Slip      = 50;        // Slippage
input int      Stelth    = 0;         // Mode: 1-stops are only visible to the user
input double   KLot      = 2;         // Lot multiplier
input double   MaxLot    = 5;         // Maximum lot size re-setting it to the start size
input double   Lot       = 0.1;       // Number of lots for trading
input color    LableClr  = clrGreen;  // Label color

Fig.1. Stealth Mode

Optimization results

Fig.2. Optimization results from 2010 until now


  • It is recommended to use this EA only as a basis for your own strategy.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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