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2012.12.25 11:31
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This indicator presents four parabolic indicators at one time. The indicator is for amateurs of parabolic trading systems.

Indicator input parameters:

//| Indicator input parameters                   |
input double Start_Step=0.002;     // step to the smallest indicator
input double Step_Shift=0.002;    // size of step change
input double Maximum=0.2;        // the maximum for all indicators
input int    Shift=0;           // horizontal shift of the indicator in bars

Start_Step input parameter is a Step for the first parabolic.

For the second parabolic Step parameter will be equal to Start_Step+1*Step_Shift.

For the third parabolic Step parameter will be equal to Start_Step+2*Step_Shift.

And for the fourth parabolic Step parameter will be equal to Start_Step+3*Step_Shift. 

Fig.1 The iSarX4 indicator

Fig.1 The iSarX4 indicator


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