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2015.07.03 11:45
2016.11.22 07:32

This TriX oscillator analogue is calculated based on five Triple Exponential Moving Averages Oscillator indicators.

All editable variables are implemented as indicator input parameters. However, keep in mind that these variables are interdependent to some extent, so you should adjust them more carefully!

FactorN input variables represent the unit weight of TriX with number N in total indicator value.

Fig.1. The ColorZerolagTriX indicator

Fig.1. The ColorZerolagTriX indicator

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Original code:

TriXCloud_HTF TriXCloud_HTF

The TriXCloud indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters.

TriXCloud TriXCloud

Cloud indicator, the envelopes of which represent the TriX oscillator values calculated for High and Low prices.

Exp_ColorZerolagTriX Exp_ColorZerolagTriX

The Exp_ColorZerolagTriX Expert Advisor enters the market when the ColorZerolagTriX indicator cloud changes its color.

Exp_CenterOfGravityOSMA Exp_CenterOfGravityOSMA

The Exp_CenterOfGravityOSMA Expert Advisor is based on the CenterOfGravityOSMA histogram change of direction.