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2015.04.10 16:27

NRatio_HTF_Signal - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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The NRatio_HTF_Signal indicator shows a trend direction or a signal generated by the NRatioSign indicator at the chosen bar as a graphical object with colored trend indication or deal direction. It also triggers alerts and plays audio signals.

If the trend continues at the selected bar, the indicator displays a right arrow. Its color corresponds to the trend direction. If the trend has changed at the selected bar, the indicator displays a diagonal arrow. Its color and direction correspond to the deal direction.

All input parameters can be divided into three large groups:

  1. The NRatioSign input parameters:
    input string Symbol_="";                          // Financial instrument
    input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES Timeframe=PERIOD_H6;        // Indicator timeframe for calculation
    input Smooth_Method XMA_Method=MODE_SMA;          // Method of averaging
    input int XLength=3;                              // Smoothing depth                    
    input int XPhase=15;                              // Smoothing parameter
    //--- XPhase: for JJMA it varies within the -100...+100 range, affects the quality of transient process;
    //--- XPhase: for VIDIA it's a period of CMO, for AMA it's a period of the slow MA
    input Applied_price_ IPC=PRICE_CLOSE;             // Price constant
    input double Kf=1;
    input double Fast=2;
    input double Sharp=2;
    input Alg_Method Mode=MODE_OUT;                   // Breakthrough algorithm
    input uint NRatio_UpLevel=80;                     // Overbought level
    input uint NRatio_DnLevel=20;

  2. The input parameters of NRatio_HTF_Signal required to visualize the indicator:
    //---- Indicator visualization settings
    input uint SignalBar=0;                                // Bar number for getting a signal (0 is a current bar)
    input string Symbols_Sirname=INDICATOR_NAME"_Label_";  // Indicator labels names
    input color Upsymbol_Color=clrBlueViolet;              // Uptrend symbol color
    input color Dnsymbol_Color=clrMagenta;                 // Downtrend symbol color
    input color IndName_Color=clrDarkOrchid;               // Indicator name color
    input uint Symbols_Size=60;                            // Signal symbols size
    input uint Font_Size=10;                               // Indicator name font size
    input int X_1=5;                                       // Horizontal name offset
    input int Y_1=-15;                                     // Vertical name offset
    input bool ShowIndName=true;                           // Displaying the indicator name
    input ENUM_BASE_CORNER  WhatCorner=CORNER_RIGHT_UPPER; // The corner in which to display the symbol
    input uint X_=0;                                       // Horizontal offset
    input uint Y_=20;                                      // Vertical offset
  3. The NRatio_HTF_Signal indicator input parameters required for triggering alerts and audio signals:
    //---- Alerts settings
    input ENUM_ALERT_MODE alert_mode=OnlySound;  // Option of triggering the indication
    input uint AlertCount=0;                     // The number of alerts

If several NRatio_HTF_Signal indicators are to be used on one chart, each of them should have its own Symbols_Sirname (indicator labels names) string variable value.

This indicator requires the the compiled indicator file NRatioSign.mq5. Place it to <terminal_data_folder>\MQL5\Indicators\.


Fig. 1. The NRatio_HTF_Signal indicator. A signal of trend continuation

Fig. 1. The NRatio_HTF_Signal indicator. A signal of trend continuation

Fig. 2. The NRatio_HTF_Signal indicator. A signal for a deal

Fig. 2. The NRatio_HTF_Signal indicator. A signal for a deal

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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