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2015.03.23 15:39
2016.11.22 07:32
AATR.mq4 (4.91 KB)view

This is a custom indicator for MetaTrader 4. ATR has been well known as market volatility indicator, ATR bring insight of market strength conditions within specified period.

Average of ATR (AATR) is simple but effective indicator to confirm any price action trading strategy. This compares ATR to its own average.

Confirmation rule is simple, scan for price action if the ATR line crossed up from below Average of ATR or take order on that time based on your signal.

Average of ATR indicator (AATR) MetaTrader 4


The indicator for the analysis of CFTC reports.

Draw Ellipse Draw Ellipse

The script creates an ellipse on window drop.


FMOneEA is a scalping Expert Advisor based on MA and MACD indicators.

ForexLine ForexLine

ForexLine indicator provide signals for trade, white line (sell signal) and the blue line (buy signal).