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2015.04.10 15:43

A class for working with free form buttons - library for MetaTrader 5

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3dButtons.mq5 (4.04 KB)view
Class.mqh (24.14 KB)view (139.78 KB)

This class is designed for creating interactive buttons with various states on a price chart.

It has been developed for a competition arranged by generous TheXpert. Thank you.

A demonstration of the CBtn class

Class methods

Create(long chart_id,int sub_wnd,string name,int x,int y,int dx,int dy) - create a button with parameters:

  1. Window identifier
  2. Subwindow number
  3. Button name
  4. X coordinate
  5. Y coordinate
  6. Horizontal size
  7. Vertical size

Resources(string img_up,string img_up_active="",string img_dn="",string img_dn_active="",string img_up_disable="",string img_dn_disable="",string img_mask="") - define the images for different button states:

  1. Normal unpressed button
  2. Button hovered by cursor
  3. Pressed button
  4. Pressed button hovered by cursor
  5. Disabled button
  6. Button outline mask

SetUseMask(ENUM_USEMASK mask,int x=0,int y=0) - set the mask by the color of the specified pixel; the mask is formed from the standard unpressed button image.

  1. Used mask type
  2. X coordinate
  3. Y coordinate

SetUseMask(ENUM_USEMASK mask,uint acolor) - set the mask by color; the mask is formed from the normal unpressed button image.

  1. Used mask type
  2. Color

SetCorner(ENUM_BASE_CORNER corner) - set the corner of the chart which the button is anchored to

SetAnchor(ENUM_ANCHOR_POINT anchor) - set the anchor type

SetX(int x) - set the X coordinate

SetY(int y) - set the Y coordinate

SetXY(int x,int y) - single method for setting the X and Y coordinates

On(bool state) - set the button status (true for pressed, false for unpressed)

Enable(bool state) - enable/disable the button

Paint(void) - draw the button

Event(int id,long lparam,double dparam,string sparam) - pass events to the button
all parameters are duplicated from the OnChartEvent function

GetX(void) - get the X coordinate

GetY(void) - get the Y coordinate

GetEnable(void) - get the enabled/disabled status

GetOn(void) - get the pressed/unpressed status

GetCorner(void) - get the corner of a chart which the button is anchored to

GetAnchor(void) - get the anchor type

AddText(int x,int y,string font_name,int font_size,color text_color,string text) - add text to the button

  1. X coordinate
  2. Y coordinate
  3. Font name
  4. Font size
  5. Text color
  6. Text

Text(string text) - update the button text (doesn't work without AddText(...) call) 

Creating a button

By default, a button has following parameters:

  • Unpressed
  • Enabled
  • Anchored to upper left corner of the chart
  • Anchored by upper left corner of the button

Setting the button mask

By default, the button is created from the normal unpressed button image. Transparent pixels serve as a mask.

  • UseMask(MASK_STANDALONE_RESOURCE) - the mask uses an image specified in Resources(). If the image is not set, the entire button area (rectangle) will be used as a working area.
  • UseMask(MASK_PIXEL,x,y) - the mask uses the color of the specified pixel. If the pixel color doesn't match the specified color, it becomes the mask. If the coordinate are not set, then use [0,0] coordinates.
  • UseMask(MASK_COLOR,color) - specified color is used for the mask. If the pixel color doesn't match the specified color, it becomes the mask. The color should be set in ARGB format.


//|                                                    3dButtons.mq5 |
//|                                           Copyright 2015, fyords |
//|                  |
#property copyright "Copyright 2015, fyords"
#property link      ""
#property version   "1.01"
//| Insert resources                                                 |
#resource "img\\200_1.bmp"
#resource "img\\200_2.bmp"
#resource "img\\200_3.bmp"
#resource "img\\200_4.bmp"
#resource "img\\200_5.bmp"
#resource "img\\200_6.bmp"
#include "Class.mqh"
enum Adjust
//| Input property                                                   |
input Adjust adj_corner=UpperLeft;     //Corner
//| Global variables                                                 |
CBtn *btn[];

int num_buttons;
//| Initialization function                                          |
int OnInit()
   long wnd=ChartID();
   int sub_wnd=ChartWindowOnDropped();

   int n=0;

   for(int y=0;y<3;y++)
      for(int x=0;x<3;x++)
         btn[n]=new CBtn;
            case UpperLeft:
            case UpperRight:
            case LowerLeft:
            case LowerRight:


//| Deinitialization function                                        |
void OnDeinit(const int reason)
   for(int i=0;i<num_buttons;i++) delete btn[i];
//| ChartEvent function                                              |
void OnChartEvent(const int id,
                  const long &lparam,
                  const double &dparam,
                  const string &sparam)
   for(int i=0;i<num_buttons;i++) btn[i].Event(id,lparam,dparam,sparam);

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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