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2012.12.12 10:57
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Nikolay Kositsin + lukas1

The iSAR indicator's main advantage is that it is based on current price time series thanks to which it can be applied to the other indicators. For instance, here is a variant of applying this indicator to the iRVI oscillator:

Fig.1 The ColorParabolic indicator applied on RVI.

Fig.1 The ColorParabolic indicator applied on RVI.


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Exp_Oracle Exp_Oracle

The Expert Advisor is drawn on the Oracle redrawing indicator

DMA (Displaced Moving Averages) DMA (Displaced Moving Averages)

Displaced Moving Averages

Exp_JBrainSig1_UltraRSI Exp_JBrainSig1_UltraRSI

The Exp_JBrainSig1_UltraRSI Expert Advisor uses the values of JBrainTrend1Sig and UltraRSI indicators to analyze the market state.

ColorX2MA-Parabolic ColorX2MA-Parabolic

The iSAR technical indicator which uses the X2MA Moving Average as the basic price series for the best filtrating of false signals.