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2012.10.12 08:30

Daily Range - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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dailyrange.mq5 (2.85 KB)view

This indicator calculates and shows daily highest and lowest prices, displays them as two set of lines.

It is a good example to show the usage of CopyTime(), CopyHigh(), CopyLow() functions and MqlDateTime data struct.

This indicator can only be applied to lower time frames than daily, like H4, H1, M30, ...

Daily Range

    XprofuterOverlay XprofuterOverlay

    XprofuterOverlay shows the line of the price future movement.

    XprofuterDD XprofuterDD

    XprofuterDD presents an attempt to predict the future price behavior.

    Ask Bid Ticks Ask Bid Ticks

    Ask Bid Ticks is a high-precision, real-time tick data solution for microstructure analysis (a tick data collector). It works with local computer time.

    ALGLIB - Numerical Analysis Library ALGLIB - Numerical Analysis Library

    ALGLIB math function library (v. 3.5.0) ported to MQL5.