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2012.12.12 10:03

The ZigZag indicator draws rays, thus showing "significant" movement.

Mode parameter is the indicator work mode:

  • 0 - "significant movement" is set in points (parameter ImportantPoint)
  • 1 - "significant movement" is considered as a high-low for a certain period in the bars (parameter RangeBars) multiplied by the "substantial movement" (parameter RangeKoeff)

The SuperZigZag indicator

Not redrawing, if the up ray occurred, then last down ray won't change its low extremum. And appeared up ray will update its high extremum.

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Original code:

2pbIdealXOSMA 2pbIdealXOSMA

The 2pbIdealXOSMA indicator represents the MACD histogram based on the 2pbIdeal1MA and 2pbIdeal3MA indicators.

Exp_2pbIdealMA Exp_2pbIdealMA

The Exp_2pbIdealMA indicator is based on the crossing of two Moving Averages. A signal to perform a deal is formed at bar closing if there is crossing of a fast 2pbIdeal1MA Moving Average with a slow 2pbIdeal3MA Moving Average

Exp_2MoHLC Exp_2MoHLC

The Exp_2MoHLC based on the signals taken from the 2MoHLC_ indicator

NonLagMA NonLagMA

Weighted Moving Average with a minimal lag using a damping cosine wave as the line of weight coefficients