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CSelectFile is a file selection graphical interface class. The class is created based on the Standard Library.
Class methods.
1. Create - creation of a graphical interface.

bool  Create(long  chart,          // chart ID
                  string  name,        // graphical window name
                   int     x1,             // the X-coordinate value of the top left point
                   int     y1,             // the Y-coordinate value of the top left point.
                   int     x2,             // the X-coordinate value of the bottom right point.
                   int     y2)             // the Y-coordinate value of the bottom right point. 

2. ChartEvent - chart event handling, returns the status of pressed buttons: 0 - buttons are not pressed, 1 - ОК button is pressed, -1 - Cancel button is pressed.
3. Filename - getting the name of the selected file.
4. FileFlag - getting the flag of the file location.


1. Creation of a dynamic object CSelectFile *fs=new CSelectFile().
2. Creation of a graphical interface (fs.Create(...)).
3. Waiting for a file selection and pressing of the button on the interface panel fs.ChartEvent(...).
4. Getting the file name fs.Filename() and the file location flag fs.FileFlag().
5. Deleting the dynamic object (delete fs).

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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