GRat IndiTrade: PriceChannel_Signal_v2

GRat IndiTrade: PriceChannel_Signal_v2

5 February 2023, 16:58
Ivan Titov

GRat IndiTrade example: PriceChannel_Signal_v2

Attached are templates of improved strategy based on custom PriceChannel_Signal_v2 indicator. It can automatically trade in MT5, in MT4 (using GRat_OrderImport (MT4)) and on crypto exchanges (using GRat_BinanceImport or GRat_Crypto). Just install the indicator in Indicators folder, then install GRat IndiTrade and apply the appropriate template to the desired chart.

Trading Signals

  • UpTrend Signal or UpTrend Re-Entry --> buy signal
  • DnTrend Signal or DnTrend Re-Entry --> sell signal

PriceChannel_Signal_v2_X - on Exit signal it also trades in opposite direction. So, in addition to comparisons above:

  • .. or DnTrend Exit --> buy signal
  • .. or UpTrend Exit --> sell signal

PriceChannel_Signal_v2_0. The settings above use values from the last closed bar (on a new bar). To use values from the current bar (at every tick) just change everywhere the bar number from 1 to 0.

The default lot size is fixed, but you can set the risk of loss as a percentage of the balance instead:

There can be many positions in both directions at the same time, but be sure to open only 1 trade per bar:

Position Management

  • UpTrend Exit --> close long
  • DnTrend Exit  --> close short

Positions are closed at opposite signals:

In addition you can add Breakeven and Trailing-Stop in your strategy to improve the results: