2 November 2018, 16:10
Yurij Batura

Many brokerage companies to attract customers arrange numerous contests and promotions with fairly large prize money, which sometimes can be immediately withdrawn, and more often taken into management, in order to multiply them in the forex market, and then withdraw to your account. In this article I will not advertise contests and promotions, but only show the possibility of increasing the likelihood of obtaining these funds.

A serious obstacle to obtaining prize money is competition among the participants of the competition. Everyone is trying to get ahead of others, because the prizes are not very many - most often 5-10 (see Screenshot), and there are several hundreds or even thousands of participants. All traders are limited by the rules and are in the same conditions.


The rules may restrict trading instruments, for example, the number of orders, lot size, and sometimes both. In such conditions not every strategy can work, besides contests are always limited in time: hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to sit at the monitor for a long time, painstakingly catching on indicators or intuitively the opportunity to profitably enter the market. I know from experience that this is a very difficult task. But after going through an infinite number of contests, trading both day and night, I came to the conclusion that some operations can and should be automated in order to simplify your life. Moreover, in competitions there are certain restrictions that are easy to forget. I have had occasions when fortune went and I, seeing that I went out to winners in balance, forget about competitive restrictions on emotions, and begin to add warrants or increase lots, which is prohibited by the rules of the contest ...And what a fiasco attends when a notice of disqualification comes, or, even worse, it turns out when summing up!

So, based on the above and the wishes of my friends traders, I wrote a few simple robots to participate in contests, although they, of course, can be quite successfully traded on real accounts.

Given the fact that robots have no emotions, they place orders faster than humans and, in no case, will ignore the specified conditions of the competition, not to mention the fact that they can trade around the clock (with the computer and terminal turned on), such a robot gives its owner a huge advantage over other contestants.

Of course, in competitions there may be restrictions on the participation of the robot advisors themselves, but this is a completely different topic. I can only say that in the advisers developed by me, the function of checking the possibility of automatic trading is built in, and if there are limitations, you will immediately receive a message about this via the Alert alert system. In the same way, the robot will inform you about other server restrictions and contest rules, such as lot size or small stop loss, take profit, etc. But all this happens only during setup at the beginning of trading. After setting up, the robot will independently and quickly trade around the clock until you stop it. In addition, these robots independently determine the type of account on which they were set (real, demo or competitive account), notifying you about it on the monitor screen in the upper left corner of the currency pair window in the terminal. For convenience, there is also published the main information about the input parameters of the account and the state of trade: equity and current profit.

I present to you a series of advisers Lucky Star WPRLucky Star RSI,  Lucky Star MALucky Star SOLucky Star MACDLucky Star MA and SOLucky Star MA and MACDLucky Star SO and MACD,  Lucky Star RSI и MACD satisfying the requirements of contests with most brokers. They have different indicators, sometimes even two at a time at your choice. How to set them up can be read here.

Above are examples of rules for firm contests instaforex

I wish you a successful and profitable trade!

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