How To Create Trade Timer Class?

10 November 2017, 07:02
Ahmad Hassam

MQL5 is much better than MQL4 when it comes to coding better expert advisors.

There are certain times of the day when you want to trade.

There are certain hours when you don't want to trade.

Always avoid the Asian Market Session and never open a trade during it.

Remember the GBPUSD Flash Crash a few years back?

It happened during the Asian Market Session when the market liquidity is very low.

I have written this blog post in which I explain how to create a trade timer class.

In this post I explain how to create a trade timer class.

This trade timer class has methods that you can use to open trades during certain times.

It also has methods that lets you avoid trading during certain times.

Avoiding high volatility is always a good idea.

Long time back I have stopped trading FOMC Meeting Minutes.

But it is always a good idea to check the charts before FOMC Meeting Minutes release.

Sometimes you will be able to catch big moves in the market.

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