Forex Scorpio Code FREE Forex Directional Edge Strategy

24 August 2017, 09:29
Ahmad Hassam

Did you read the last post on Forex Scorpio Code by Vladimir Ribakov?

He is giving his Forex Directional Edge Strategy FREE as part of pre-launch of Forex Scorpio Code.

Forex Directional Edge Strategy is based on Bollinger Bands.

You can download Forex Directional Edge Strategy 43 page PDF, templates and indicators FREE.

Go through the 43 page PDF which explains everything that you need to understand this strategy.

This strategy trades in the direction of the main trend on the daily timeframe something sensible to do.

Once you have an uptrend on D1 timeframe, you look for the uptrend on H4.

Once you have uptrend on both D1 and H4, you look for an entry on H1 timeframe.

Similarly when you have a downtrend on D1, we look for downtrend on H4.

Once we have downtrend on both D1 and H4, we look for a short trade on H1.

I am not a huge fan of Bollinger Bands, but Forex Directional Edge Strategy looks good.

You can try it on your demo account. Also leave a good comment when you download Forex Directional Edge.

An outstanding comment can help you win Forex Scorpio Code gratis or a $500 Amazon Gift Card or a Remote Controlled Drone.

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