On Forex it is not so difficult to win, how hard it is not to lose!

On Forex it is not so difficult to win, how hard it is not to lose!

29 May 2017, 15:52
Yurij Batura

On Forex it is not so difficult to win, how hard it is not to lose - to this, at first glance, paradoxical conclusion, I came as a result of more than 15 years of experience in the market. That is why, the dream of all traders and investors has always been and always will be an ideal trading strategy that would reduce possible losses to a minimum. But achieving this dream is an incredibly difficult task.

It is simply not realistic to take into account all possible variants of events that affect the price movement. What to do? For many years I was looking for an answer to this question, looking at various trading strategies. Very often I lost money because of emotions arising from a lack of understanding of the direction of the price movement, trading in the flat and, especially, during the release of unexpected news. It was this that prompted me to create a computer program that would not be subject to human emotions and could make decisions on entering and exiting the market on the basis of a clear algorithm. I ran my first advisory programs on trading contests in various brokerage campaigns.

In one of the competitions CYBERTRADE (see the link), my adviser took first place and I got this cup.

So the first counselor was born (from now on a whole series of advisers), BuySellProf in his first, yet raw version.Over time, the adviser underwent certain improvements and acquired the opportunity to trade in a multi-currency variant (Volatility), which allowed it to include not just a locking position, but also additional hedging at the expense of currency pairs matched by overbought or oversold relative to each other.

This modification allowed the adviser to stay afloat for a very long time, bringing a good monthly profit. At the same time, due to natural and artificial hedging at correctly selected input parameters it keeps an acceptable drawdown of 30%. Due to which some of my clients use it to create trading signals for copying other traders.

But just recently there was another modification of the adviser - BuySellProf Security ,namely the current percentage of profit (CurrentPercentProfit), easily overcomes the gap and can earlier close profitable orders in a cycle, collected in one profit. This is convenient in case of strong bullish or bearish market sentiment. It is enough only to reduce (CurrentPercentProfit) in the input parameters and the Expert Advisor will adjust itself to a bullish or bearish trend.

In more detail about the principles of work and the possibilities of advisers BuySellProf , BuySellProf SecurityFree BuySellProf .

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