Weekly update #3

Weekly update #3

17 October 2016, 17:53
Ernestas Kvedaras

Hey folks!

Last week felt really productive :) I finally finished my risk management tool and sent to MQL store for approval. I've put quite a bit of work into it, so it will be payed. But cheap though. However, I will give it for free for the one who will be the first to leave a comment here. 

Moreover, I solved some annoying issues with trading log EA and moved forward with my XABCD tool (which I hope will increase my back testing time many times when completed).

During this week I even got hooked on coding scalping EAs. Which looked quite good on strategy tester, although when I ran them with live data it was pretty steady way down :)) I believe spread here is to blame. I know removed all low timeframe pairs, and left only two on 15min. timeframe. It's just a fun side project :)


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